I considered myself a pretty good listener. Little did I know how much parenting would truly test the limits of this ability.

I have been trying to take Noah to the library reading circle literally since he was born. He seemed to like the songs and seeing friends, before he was mobile. That is before he could let me know he wanted to escape! As soon as he was able to crawl, he would crawl right out of that circle and through the library stacks.

As he learned to walk, the minute the songs began, he’d head for the automatic doors. I still powered through and kept taking him to these weekly outings. Maybe this time he will love it!

Noah is a kid who LOVES to be outside. Throwing rocks into puddles, running his fingers through the sand, hiking down a trail. This is his true spirit. Why was I insisting on this reading circle?!

The lightbulb finally went off one day as we were struggling through another circle time. We were on our 3rd break from the circle taking a walk around the block. I decided then….maybe we should go.

We packed up our stuff and Noah happily held my hand as we made our swift exit. As we walked out of the library doors, Noah pulled me along to a little tree in the sidewalk. You know the kind that are in little beds that line the sidewalks? He gently coaxed me over to the tree and just sat down in the dirt. He stayed very still and started scooping up the mud.

We are now skipping the circle and just getting outside in the dirt.

Now I am listening.

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