We had a morning of epic proportions at the zoo with our most favorite of people. We decided to head there on a whim as our usual Wednesday morning open gym time at Little Rascals was cancelled. I’m starting to really believe that our most peaceful and playful of days happen when we are out of the house for majority of the day. The courage and coordination it takes to pull yourself out of your mama induced exhaustion does not go unnoticed. Simply getting dressed and getting everyone out of the door is a real win in and of itself. The longer we are out, the less mess we come home to.

We roamed around the grounds, hiked down the windy trail to see the “aminals” and blew some bubbles while overlooking choo choos on the Hudson River. If we’d planned to stay longer and naptimes weren’t calling, we could’ve stayed for a beer and a burger at the Hiker’s cafe.

Alas….We couldn’t recommend it more. You could spend an entire day here. Among the lovely zoo, there is also a wonderful playground, a lake, a carousel, ball fields, and hiking trails. Did I mention a giant swimming pool as well? Better yet, plan a staycation and sleep at the Bear Mountain Inn.  Get a massage at the spa mama. Have a drink at the rooftop bar and have someone else watch your little lovelies. One can only dream!

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