Noah has slipped into the dark side of what some refer to as Nap Purgatory and it is a special combination of torture and bliss. He’s just not sleepy AT ALL until 3 or 4 but he self destructs if he skips his afternoon sleep. I’ve eagerly tried to keep him awake with carb loading and fun distractions to skip the nap and go for early bedtime gold, but that always leads to an even later and more dramatic and wired demise.

I recently read something somewhere that says if you are trying magician antics, music blasting, afternoon car trip avoiding etc etc… just to keep your toddler awake, that they most certainly still need to nap.

Soooooo…I’ve stopped pulling bunnies from hats and waving shiny objects in Noah’s face and started doing what motherhood makes one do best. Surrender! And just enjoy this moment for what it is.

It’s like we are studying abroad in Spain. Taking late afternoon siestas so we can hit the clubs til we crash! If only such a mommy and me club existed.

This nap purgatory has unlocked the joy of nighttime for me again. Look at some awesome things we can now do post mama surrender:

  1. Chase Fireflies with Mami
  2. Watch kids shoot hoops at the park. Night games!
  3. Go to a Renegades Game with our buddies
  4. Watch the sun set at the Park
  5. Go for a night hike
  6. Fall asleep watching our favorite movies

For all out there riding this tortuous, magical wave! I see you and hope you are caffeinated and having a blast.

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